Playlist for April 28, 2013

The Parlour Brothers – Weight In Gold [Hard Sell]

Jay Harris – 1955 [Slow Commotion]

Jadea Kelly – Rosin [Eastbound Platform]

Melissa Payne – Take My Heart [Melissa Payne]

Express & Co. – The List [Express & Co.]

Portage & Main – What Have I Done [Portage & Main]

Great Bloomers – Sunday Clothes [Great Bloomers 7″]

Lauren Mann & The Fairly Odd Folk – I Lost Myself [Over Land and Sea]

I, The Mountain – Meet Me By The Towers [Land and Sea]

The Orchid Highway – Next World  [The Orchid Highway]

Elephant Stone – Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin [Elephant Stone]

The Bicycles – Appalachian Mountain Station [Stop Thinking So Much]

The Grapes Of Wrath – Waiting To Fly [High Road]

Sloan – I Wanna Thank You [Navy Blues]


Playlist for April 21, 2013

Julie Fader – Goodbye Before Hello [Outside In]

Great Lake Swimmers – Palmistry [Lost Channels]

Parlour Brothers – Strange Coins [Hard Sell]

Jadea Kelly – North of 42 [Eastbound Platform]

Jack Pine & The Fire – Gather [Jack Pine & The Pine]

Graydon James & The Young Novelists – It Takes All Kinds [In The Year You Were Born]

Graydon James & Laura Spink – For The Record / Standing Still / For What It’s Worth [Acoustic for NOTB]

Lowest of the Low – Salesmen, Cheats and Liars [Shakespeare My Butt]

Mo Kenney – Deja Vu [Mo Kenney]

Joel Plaskett – Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ [Three]

The Strumbellas – Underneath A Mountain [My Father and the Hunter]

Daniel Belanger – Je poursuis mon bonheur [Chic de ville]

Paul Reddick – Dancing In A Dream [WishBone]

Tonight at 11 an acoustic set by Graydon James and Laura Spink of Graydon James and the Young Novelists, plus music by The Parlour Brothers, The Strumbellas, Great Lake Swimmers and more

The Highlight:

ParlourThe Parlour Brothers are a relatively new band out of Toronto with a debut record called Hard Sell that I can’t stop playing. From the very first note through to the end of the record, their golden hued, often melancholy alt country sound is pretty much a perfect fit for this program’s Sunday time slot. I like this record so much that I’m declaring it my early candidate for Canadian roots album of the year. Click on the band name to have a listen for yourself. The entire album is streaming from their bandcamp page and features guest vocals by David Picco and Trish Robb. I’ll be playing a song called Strange Coins.

The Acoustic Set:

Graydon and lauraGraydon James and the Young Novelists are a Toronto fave. Their record, In The Year You Were Born, was a 2012 year end best of pick for me. Over the last few months I’ve had the pleasure to feature numerous songs by the group on the show. On a whim I sent Graydon and Laura from the group an email pitching the idea of recording an acoustic set for NOTB and the Captial District. They said yes and shortly thereafter I found myself completely slack jawed as I listened to their session. You really don’t want to miss this performance, if only for the fact that Graydon sounds a little like Elvis when introducing each song.

The Canadiana Classic:

LowestLowest of the Low were one of the most influential bands on the Canadian alternative music scene in the early 1990s, garnering widespread critical acclaim and radio play. Their most successful album, Shakespeare My Butt, was later named one of the ten greatest albums in Canadian music history in three successive reader polls by Chart magazine. Although the band has released other records over the last 20 years, nothing has come to rival the appeal of their now legendary debut. With that said, do check out their back catalogue along all of the solo work put out by the band’s front man, Ron Hawkins. Well worth your time and money. Tonight however, you’ll hear one of the big songs from Shakespeare My Butt.

Everything else:

StrumbellasYou’ll also hear music by Ottawa’s Jack Pine and the Fire, Montreal’s Daniel BelangerMo Kenney and Joel Plaskett from Halifax, Toronto’s The Strumbellas, Jadea Kelly, and Paul Reddick, Hamilton’s Julie Fader, and an older track by Juno nominee Great Lake Swimmers. Stay up and add to your music shopping list.

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See you at 11!


Playlist for April 14th, 2013

Elisapie – Salluit [Travelling Love]

Leonard Cohen – Going Home [Old Idea]

C.R. Avery – Down At The Cafe [Magic Hour Sailor Songs]

Ron Hawkins – Prairie Girl [Straitjacket Love]

Joel Battle – Another Life [Dead Man Walking EP]

Melissa Payne – Farmer’s Eyes [Melissa Payne]

Belle Starr – Love Is A Rose (Neil Young cover) [Belle Starr]

Ron Sexsmith – The Reason Why [Long Player, Late Bloomer]

Ron Sexsmith – Trains [Grand Opera Lane]

Galaxie – Entre la lumiere et le bruit [Tigre et diesel]

No Sinner – Boo Hoo Hoo [Boo Hoo Hoo EP]

Library Voices – If Raymond Carver Were Born In The 90s [Summer Of Lust]

Poor Young Things – Blame It On The Good Times [Let It Sleep EP]

Teenage Kicks – Setting Son [Be On My Side]

Tonight at 11 songwriters Melissa Payne, Joel Battle, C.R. Avery and 2 legendary Rons from Toronto.

The Highlight:

Ron HawkinsFor the unfamiliar, Ron Hawkins is somewhat of a legend in Canada. He fronted an indie band called Lowest of the Low that released a debut record called Shakespeare My Butt in 1991. It’s filled with unpretentious, in your face punk rock folksongs set in pre-condo era Toronto. It’s proven popular over two decades. In 1996, 2000 and again in 2005, Chart Magazine honoured the recording with spots in the top 10 of the Top 100 Canadian Albums of All Time. Outside LOTL, Hawkins has released three records on his own and  five full length albums as front man for bands The Rusty Nails and The Do Good Assassins. Our highlight this week is a great tune called Prairie Girl from Ron’s 2011 solo record Straitjacket Love. Follow the link for a live version of the song recorded at Mohawk Place in Buffalo.

The Canadiana Classic:

Sexsmith Grand OperaRon Sexsmith is one of Canada’s greatest singer-songwriters. He’s recorded 13 albums over two decades featuring songs that have been covered by the likes of Rod Stewart, Feist, Nick Lowe and Sheryl Crowe. Other admirers include Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney, Steve Earle and Elton John. I’ve been a fan since his days as a bike courier in Toronto. This week’s Canadiana classic comes from Ron’s debut album, Grand Opera Lane. It’s a song called Trains that I remember hearing for the first time at a very empty Ultrasound Showbar on Queen West sometime in 1990. Together with three friends and two other people at the bar, we were the only ones in the house. I’m sure Ron’s memory of that period is less than glorious, however, for me, it was a young privileged moment in my life when I stumbled upon true greatness and felt an absolute duty to let everyone else know about it. I must have dragged a couple dozen people out to hear him after that. Of course it wasn’t long before the rest of the world knew about Ron Sexsmith, but for that short period of time he was my coveted discovery. Do checkout his latest record called Forever Endeavour with longtime producer Mitchell Froom. However, tonight, just before Trains, you’ll also hear a song from Ron’s 2011 release called Long Player, Late Bloomer, produced by Bob Rock. Enjoy.

Everything Else:

Leonard Cohen IdeasAlso on tonight’s show you’ll hear up and coming singer-songwriters Melissa Payne from Peterborough, Ontario, Elisapie from Salluit, Quebec, Joel Battle from Toronto, and a Vancouver poet and songwriter who deserves a bigger spotlight, C.R. Avery. Oh yes, the one and only Leonard Cohen has tonight’s second song. We’ll end the show with power pop from Thunder Bay and Toronto courtesy of Poor Young Things and Teenage Kicks as well as songs by Regina’s Library Vocies, Vancouver’s No Sinner, and Montreal’s Galaxie. Stay up and enjoy.

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See you at 11!


Playlist for April 7th, 2013

The Highest Order – Lonely Weekends [If It’s Real]

The Sadies – Another Year Again [Darker Circles]

Dusted – Property Lines [Total Dust]

North Lakes – All Over You [Cobra]

Shotgun Jimmie – Swamp Magic [Transister Sister]

Bob Wiseman – Neil Young At The Junos [Giulietta Masina At The Oscars Crying]

Blue Rodeo – You Said [The Things We Left Behind]

Michelle McAdorey – Leave The Main Road [7″ single]

Crash Vegas – Inside Out [Red Earth]

Grapes Of Wrath – Isn’t There [The High Road]

Two Hours Traffic – O My Love [Foolish Blood] 

David Picco – Your Guess Is As Good As Mine [David Picco]

New Country Rehab – Empty Room Blues [Ghost Of Your Charms]

Matt Mays & El Torpedo – Rock Ranger Record [Terminal Romance]

New music by The Highest Order, New Country Rehab, Dusted, and Michelle McAdorey on tonight’s show.

The Highlight:

Highest OrderThe Highest Order is a psych-country off-shoot of Toronto roots band One Hundred Dollars. The group consists of vocalist Simone Schmidt, guitarist Paul Mortimer, Kyle Porter on bass, and drummer Simone TB of Tropics. Their debut, If It’s Real, presents dark, shimmering, country melancholia that wouldn’t be out of place next to records by The Sadies and 13th Floor Elevators. The only thing that’s disappointing about the recording is that it ends. We’ll lead of the show this week with the band’s excellent cover of the Charlie Rich classic, Lonely Weekends.

The Canadiana Classic:

Crash VegasCrash Vegas released three records over their 8 year lifespan. Formed in 1988 by Michelle McAdorey and Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo, the band found moderate success in the early 90s primarily by way of their debut recording, Red Earth. Keelor wasn’t long for the band however, as the success of Blue Rodeo lead to his replacement even before the debut record was out. We’ll hear the group’s biggest hit, Inside Out, from Red Earth. And incidentally, the song beforehand  is something brand new by Michelle McAdorey. Her latest for Seventh Fire Records is a double sided single that marks a return to working with Greg Keelor, who produced the recordings. Here’s hoping they lead to a full length record.

Everything Else:
ncrTonight’s show is a solid mix of late night tunes that should carry you through an hour pretty quickly. Also on the bill are songs by The Sadies, Shotgun Jimmie, David Picco, The North Lakes, and exceptional new music by New Country Rehab, Two Hours Traffic and The Grapes of Wrath. Stay up and add lots of stuff to your music shopping list.

The playlist for the program posts before midnight and features links to all of the artists featured. You’ll get video previews of what you can expect to hear on the coming week’s show if you LIKE the program’s Facebook page.  NOTB is also on Twitter.  FOLLOW for random tweets and re-tweets relating to the artists featured on the show.

See you at 11!